Newborn sessions are scheduled immediately after the delivery of the baby. For the best results, I only schedule morning sessions for newborns between ages day 5-10. I have a select number of props, blankets, and headpieces. If you would like to use a few of your items, I am open to suggestion. However, newborns are best photographed in their skin. 

I typically go on location for newborn sessions and bring my studio set up with me. I only need a small amount of empty space in any part of your house that you would like for me to shoot at. The session typically ranges from 3-4 hours. That includes shoot time as well transitions to feeding and putting the baby to sleep.

Style: Throughout the shoot, my main goal is to have a few shots of your baby alone (sleeping), the baby with each parent, and the whole family. I can also incorporate a "documentary" style where I just photograph your life around the baby at home with no direction. In addition, I also photograph the nursery, any details the baby might have, as well as the baby's features (hair, nose, mouth, hands, feet, etc.).


The best time to photograph a maternity session is around 6-7 months into your pregnancy. This time frame will allow you to move around a little more easier. This session is typically 30-45 minutes-- which seems to be the perfect length based on past sessions. 

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